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Flow Meter Float-type FVA Trogflux
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Specification of

FVA Trogflux is a Plastic Float-type Flow Meter. The high-grade transparent plastic measurement cones used allow the flow value to be read directly at media

temperatures up to +90 °C. The device can also optionally be used for flow monitoring if equipped with one or more contact switches.

There is a short version of FVA Trogflux. This type is ideal for applications in tight spaces. If the device is equipped with one or more (optional) contacts, it can also be used for flow monitoring. Standard scales are available for liquids with a density of 1 kg/l (62.43 lb/ft). The devices are custom-scaled to customer requirements for all other media to be measured.

Benefit of this product is :

• Inexpensive alternative to plastic

• Simple installation and handling

• Shatterproof

• High corrosion resistance

• Low pressure loss

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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